Sports betting: 5 common mistakes to avoid

Sports betting: 5 common mistakes to avoid

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Autor betsonly 30 Mar 2017

The beginner's guide to sports betting: we've compiled a list of 5 common mistakes in online betting and how to easily avoid them.

We aim to give you the best advices on sports betting and help you learn the basics of online betting. In this new article, we'd like to tell you what you really shouldn't do.

Even the sharpest bettors make mistakes. Being wrong is not so important if you learn from mistakes. Obviously, If you can anticipate and overcome the most common mistakes, that's better. That's why we have listed 5 basic errors that most first-time gamblers make when starting out.

Error 1: Lake of specialization

The biggest mistake in sports betting is trying to bet on all sports. Most of successful tipsers are specialized in only one sport, or even in one or two sports competitions. If you want to improve your betting and find a way to beat the bookie, deep knowledge of the sports competitions you are wagering is essential. Do you think it's possible to become an expert on WTA tour, Engllish Premier League, Spanish La Liga, NFL, NBA, and darts at the same time? For 99% of people, the answer is no. If a bettor bets on all sports, indistinctly, it's very unlikely that he will make money.

Error 2: Poor money management

This is the most important skill a good wagerer needs in sports betting; money management. It's quite common to see people taking irresponsible decisions with their bankroll. All recreational players should risk an amount of money that, if they lost, wouldn't put pressure on their bankroll and set what is their maximum stake on a bet. Once defined your strategy, do not make irrational decisions because you're on a winning or losing streak. Stay focused on making profit little by little and placing bets in the properest way. Remember that if you lose your bankroll, you are bankrupt.

Error 3: Being a slave of your emotions

Don't bet on the first match you see with attractive odds. It might be tempting but you have to analyse every single bet before wager. Remember that is all about analysis and strategy. You should gather as much information as you can and study the different betting markets before placing a bet. It's worth to spend few minutes more analysing the game and betting odds if that means you end up making a profit.

Error 4: Underestimate the "chance" factors

As we mentioned in the Error number 2, sometimes it may occur that after a winning or a losing streak, you feel you want to change your betting strategy. This is a huge mistake. Don't overreact if you experience a winning streak. Many bettors feel they are invulnerable and increase their unit size. Same thing for those who experience a losing streak, as they try to get back their money as soon as possible placing bets without studying first what are they doing. Keep in mind the long term profit objective.

Error 5: Betting live without watching the game

It might sound obvious, but a lot of players place live bets while they are not watching the game they bet on. Live betting has become one of the most famous and attractive features that all online betting sites offered. It is very important to bear in mind that if you are willing to bet in play, you must watch live the event.