Beginners Guide

WTA Betting Tips

A guide to betting on the WTA tour, with some suggestions as to players to watch out for, and factors to consider before placing a wager.

Sports Trading Explained

An explanation of the phenomenon of Sports Trading, its links and comparisons to Stock Trading and why it is a suitable strategy for novices.

Understanding Cash Out

An explanation of the cash-out option offered by bookmakers, with an outline of the pros and cons of such offers to the bettor.

Online Betting Glossary of Terms

An online glossary of some of the most common terms used in sports betting to help those who are new to the industry and seeking guidance.

Advantages of Live betting, compared to pre-match

The distinction between Live and Pre-Match Betting explained, as well as an overview of its advantages as well as some of its drawbacks.

Things to consider when betting on tennis

An explanation as to why tennis betting is so popular, factors to consider when betting on players and an overview of some of the most popular tennis betting markets.

How to maintain a positive mind-set whilst betting

We provide some tips on how to maintain a positive mind-set when betting on sports, and some bad habits which should be avoided.

How to bet on American Football

How to bet on American football, especially the NFL, with a brief explanation of the key markets which use similar concepts as NBA betting.

Frequently asked questions on Sports Betting?

A list of popular Frequently Asked Questions about Sports Betting, with simple explanations dealing with each of them in turn.

Sportsbook rollovers

What is a rollover and how it works? Many Sportsbook offer a bonus for new members and they come with some conditions you must comply.