Betting tips

First team to score on Basketball betting

One of the most popular bets in basketball is the first team to score. We will give you some tips to use this betting strategy.

How to do progressive staking on horses racing

We give more details about one of the most successful ways to make money from horse betting: Progressive staking on horses racing.

How to apply your NBA bet including overtime

The fact that overtime is a possibility in basketball, has a direct impact on one of the most popular basketball betting options.

Tennis Trading Strategies: In-play server

We give some tennis betting tips about one of the most interesting ones, to bet in-play on the server to win the game.

Tennis betting strategy: How to bet on sets

The most common form of tennis betting is on the outcome of a match but there is an attractive alternative: to bet on the number of the sets the player will win.

Basketball betting strategy: How to take advantage of winning and losing streaks

We give some tips on one of the most rewarding basketball betting strategies in term of odds: winning and losing streaks.

Basketball betting strategy: Bet the Under if Over seems to happen

We give some tips on one of the most recognised basketball betting strategies: Bet the Under if Over seems to happen. Check it out!

How to bet on Overs/Unders in Football

Betting strategies. We give some tips and advice for one of the most popular football betting markets: Overs/Unders goals scored.

Tennis – what happens in the event of a player retiring or withdrawing?

We discover what happens to bets which have been placed on a tennis match in the event that a player is forced to withdraw or is disqualified.

Soccer Betting: european and asian handicaps explained

What are the differences between asian and european handicaps in soccer betting? We explain all you need to know about handicap betting.