How to watch live basketball online

How to watch live basketball online

How to watch live basketball online
Autor betsonly 15 Jan 2019

We detail all the options you have to watch live basketball online, especially when it comes to the NBA, the most popular league in the world.

For those who want to bet in-game, or want to see how their wagers are proceeding, there is nothing like being able to watch a basketball game live. For a lucky few they can get to side courtside and see some of their favourite stars in the flesh. However, most of us do not get that opportunity, especially when it comes to the NBA, the top basketball league in the world, so must look to other alternatives.

If you live in the United States, and are a fan of the NBA, then you are spoiled for choice, as every game is broadcast live by NBA TV, a pay-for television channel that is owned by the NBA itself, and is available to approximately 54 million American households. It is the oldest subscription network in North America which is controlled by a professional sports league.

It also offers what are termed “out-of-market” sports packages that broadcast games to other areas which are not being shown on other broadcast and cable television networks. For example, somebody living in Boston might be a fan of the Golden State Warriors, but all that is shown in their area are Celtics’ games. To cater for these people and those who live overseas, then they offer subscription-based online streaming packages marketed under the name “NBA League Pass”.

With the NBA League Pass, subscribers have a choice of three packages, available on both a monthly and annual basis, and they also watch any game of their choice, live, or on demand, for a one-time fee of €2.99.

The three packages are:

Team Choice: This enables a subscriber to watch all 82 regular season games of the team of their choice, plus any play-off games if their team gets that far. This is available for €7.99 monthly or €62.99 annually.

League Pass: The most popular of all their packages, this entitles a viewer to watch any of the 1,200 plus regular season games, all the play-offs and the final, and the All-Star Weekend They can watch multiple games simultaneously, and are also given access to NBA TV game analysis and documentaries. This package is available for €12.99 monthly or €94.99 annually.

Game Choice: This provides users with a choice of 8 games per month, with a choice of more than 60 NBA games from which to choose. The package includes regular season games, the play-offs and final, as well as select, off-season summer games.

Another sports' streaming service that covers basketball is ESPN but check whether they offer coverage in your country.

There are other alternatives, of course, many of which are legal. For example, if you want to bet on basketball, you can open an account with one of the leading bookmakers like Bet 365 and, once you have placed a modest wager, you can watch a live video stream of a NBA, College basketball, or top European game. Check with them before signing-up as to their coverage, and minimum betting requirements.

And then, of course, there are the free streaming options. Be aware that most of these are illegal and the quality may vary considerably but, if you are prepared to take the risk and are prepared to put up with sometimes poor sound and picture, then you could consider one of these.