Common errors to avoid while betting on the NBA

Common errors to avoid while betting on the NBA

Common errors to avoid while betting on the NBA
Autor betsonly 05 Dec 2018

We present some betting tips to bear in mind if you want to bet on the NBA Leage and what things you have to pay attention on.

Whilst basketball is, theoretically, one of the attractive sports on which to bet, offering many possible outcomes and combinations to the average player, it is more difficult than it might first seem to win consistently when betting on the NBA. This is because casual players are prone to making common mistakes, and, consequently, find that they lose more then they win.

Here are some of the typical errors to avoid when betting on the NBA.

Beware of the star names

Some of the biggest stars in basketball are celebrities in their own right, and known to millions of people, even those who do not follow the sport. If a team features a Lebron James, Stephen Curry, or Kobe Bryant, it is easy to bet on them, assuming that their star power is enough to win a game single-handedly. This is not the case. First of all, basketball is a team sport – there are four other men on the court at the same time, plus others sat on the bench. It is how they play as a unit that matters more than the talent and skill of a single man.

This also does not take into account the quality and the calibre of the opposition. They might be equally strong, be in good form, have a well-organised defence, and carry less injuries and suspensions. Lebron James, for example, moved from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Los Angeles Lakers at the start of this season, but that did not mean the Lakers immediately started to win. In fact, they lost the opening games of this season, even with James in the line-up.

Under-estimating the underdog

Casual betters often choose to bet on the big teams all the time, and ignore the fact that this is a competitive league, and that there are no really bad sides in it. Yes the best teams usually win but not all the time and many people miss out on good pay-outs by only betting on the favourite. This is true both when betting on the moneyline, and also on the points spread between the two teams. Invest the time to do a little research into the two opposing sides before a game, and see how they are actually performing in the run up to the game itself. It may well be that there is much better value to be had betting on the underdog rather than the favourite.

Assuming all teams and players always perform at their best

In the perfect world every NBA team and the players on it would always perform at their best and try their utmost in every match, every minute on court. Sadly, this is not how it works in reality. Teams and players can have bad nights, or even dry spells, when performance and motivation levels drop, or confidence falters. Injuries and suspensions can also take their toll. That is why it is important again to see how teams are actually performing currently going into a match, what has been their recent form, are their key players missing for one reason or another, and do they have problems in key positons? Do not blindly accept the fact that they are a well-known team and the favourites on paper as a guide to how they will perform on the night.

Worrying about the playing schedule

Some people who bet on the NBA are inclined to worry that the schedule can have an impact on the ability of players to perform, especially if they are playing several games in a few days, or have long road trips. However, NBA players are used to it, and, statistically, they are less likely to be affected by a heavy playing schedule than those in a more physical sport like hockey. And, remember that if a team is winning one of its matches in a sequence easily, they will always choose to bench some of their best names in the 4th quarter to keep them fresh for what is to come.

Betting on the NBA can be both enjoyable and profitable, but, as ever, do your research first, and try and avoid some of these common mistakes.