Over 2.5 goals betting tips and strategies

Over 2.5 goals betting tips and strategies

Over 2.5 goals betting tips and strategies
Autor betsonly 08 Aug 2018

Why the over 2.5 goals betting strategy, combined with a bet that an even number of goals will be scored, is one of the most interesting types of football bets.

The over 2.5 goals strategy for betting is the reverse image of the under 2.5 goals strategy and much the same rules and principles apply.

The difference in this case is that we are betting that more than two goals will be scored in a match, which, in reality, is quite a high probability for most leagues. Again though, it is important that, before a bet is placed, that the player does some investigation first. Choose a league which has a good track record when it comes to the average number of goals scored, such as the Bundesliga or the Premier League. And then consider the teams involved. Teams like Manchester City or Bayern Munich traditionally score a lot of goals, so a match involving them may be a good one on which to apply the over 2.5 goals strategy.

One football betting tip to bear in mind, though. However, much research you do on teams and their scoring records, bear in mind that the betting firms will have done more, because they can afford to pay full-time statisticians to calculate the odds, analysing thousands of matches across tens of leagues. That means that they will have set the odds in such a way that the chances of betting on a high scoring match between two entertaining teams will have been reflected in the reduced odds on offer.

Again, it is possible to offset the risk that a match will finish with two goals or less by combining the original bet with a wager that an even number of goals will be scored.

As with all football betting tips, we need to understand the type of odds on offer for each element of our bet. By doing so, we could hope to double our bet if the right conditions are in place. For example, that the odds for a pair of results i.e. that both 2.5 goals and an even number of goals scored is between 1.80 and 1.85, which is the normal range, and that more than 2.5 goals offers sporting odds of at least 2.20 or higher. This is because betting the amounts indicated will allow us to cover one part of our bet failing.

By way of example, if we bet €10, we can allocate €5.40 of this to the pair at odds of 1.80 and 1.85, and the over 2.5 goals we bet the remaining €4.60 at odds of 2.20.

The following range of outcomes is possible:

  • The match finishes either 1 – 0, or 0 -1. In this case, there are an odd number of goals and less than 2.5 goals have been scored so the bet fails in its entirety.
  • If more than 2.5 goals are scored but the pair bet does not succeed, we will obtain a marginal gain on our bet. In this case €4.60 * 2.20 = €10.12, less the €10 initial stake, results in a profit of €0.12.
  • If the pair succeeds but less than 2.5 goals are scored, there will be a marginal loss. For example, if the odds were 1.85, using the split of out stake above, we would win €5.40 *1.85 = €9.99. Subtracting our original €10 stake, our net loss would be €0.01.
  • Finally, if both bets succeed we would make a healthy profit. €10.12 (for the over 2.5 goals) and €9.99 (for the even number of goals) = €20.11. Given our initial stake of €10, that would mean we have doubled our money.

As a football betting strategy, this is one of the most interesting because of the sheer number of possible outcomes available. As ever the trick is to pick the right match, league and teams for successful long-term results.