Laying the draw – Football Betting Strategy

Laying the draw – Football Betting Strategy

Laying the draw – Football Betting Strategy
Autor betsonly 30 Jun 2018

We go deep into one of the most effective football betting strategies: lay the draw. Which is actually a bet that a draw will not occur

For those who want to bet on football, there are a number of different alternatives available to them. One of the most popular football betting strategy options which a gambler may want to consider is to lay the draw which, despite the name, is actually a bet that a draw will not occur.

This football draw betting strategy is almost always used when a match is in play, not only because it offers better odds but also because most bookmakers allow you to cash out early if your bet looks likely to succeed.

This is best illustrated by an example. Imagine Atletico Madrid are at home to Eibar, and are heavily tipped to win. They have scored 28 goals at home and only conceded 6 since moving to their new stadium, the Wanda Metropilitano, whilst Eibar have only scored 16 on the road. However, Atletico are not renowned as a high scoring team, whilst Eibar are better away from home than they are in front of their own fans. This may be a good match to lay the draw.

After 75 minutes, the score is still goalless, but Atletico are on top, have hit the post, and the Eibar keeper is playing a blinder. Despite his heroics, Atletico look like they could score any minute, so now we enter the trade and lay a bet against the draw of €10, if the odds of a draw are €1.85. The liability is €8.50 if the match ends up in a draw, but, if either side wins, we will make €10.

Assuming Atletico do score, then the odds against a draw will suddenly lengthen, so now is the time to cash out, rather than run the risk that Eibar will equalise. Gamblers can chose then either to cash out early, or employ the football draw betting strategy known as greening-up, which allows you to both back and lay a selection.

As with any football betting strategy it is important to do your research first. Match selection is important, because if we choose a match where the likelihood of a draw is unlikely, then there is no opportunity for this strategy to work. Check the recent form of both sides. Have there been any goalless draws or low-scoring results in the last month or so. The style of play may be another important consideration, particularly when it comes to the away side. Do they have an open attacking style or are they a team with an ability to stay organised and compact away from home, making it hard for the opposition to score? And then there is the composition of the teams themselves. Check if there any key players missing, goal scorers or defenders, injured or suspended, as this can have a major impact on the outcome of a match.

We also need to consider when goals are scored, as certain teams have a tendency to score more goals within a certain time period. If we take the statistics for the current La Liga season, Las Palmas, for example, when they are playing at home, do not tend to score, on average, until the 56th minute, the same mean time it takes Levante to find the net on the road.

Having done your research and made your bet, the final question is when should we cash-out our bet? Whilst it may be tempting to do this as soon as a goal is scored, the odds might not be as good as if you leave it a little longer. But then there is the danger of the other side scoring if you leave things too late.

Whatever your decision, the key factor with this football draw betting strategy, as indeed with any football betting strategy, is that we are consistent in what we do, so we have a pattern from which to learn and optimise any future bets.

Laying the draw is a well-known football draw betting strategy. As with any strategy, the key to success is careful match selection, in-depth research, and a consistent approach.