Football Betting – Laying the Correct Score

Football Betting – Laying the Correct Score

Football Betting – Laying the Correct Score
Autor betsonly 06 Jun 2018

We explain one of the most popular of all football bets with the more interesting odds available: Laying the correct score.

One of the most popular of all football bets is laying the correct score, or predicting the correct outcome of a match. Whilst this can be done pre-match, the more interesting odds are available once the game itself is under way. In order to understand this football betting strategy, it is important to understand the pattern of matches in certain countries.

Football is a low scoring game in general, which makes goals the most exciting aspect of any match. They also, from a betting perspective, offer the most attractive odds. Laying the correct score then is predicting the outcome of a game that is in progress, where the final result is too difficult to predict. If, for example, one team is already leading by three or four goals, the final result is unlikely to change. The team that is losing, except in the most unusual circumstances, will not be able to mount a comeback, whilst their opponents could score more, or equally likely, could choose to relax and accept the result as it stands, conserving their energy for the next match. Either way, the betting odds will not be attractive.

On the other hand, if the scores are level or there is only one goal between the sides, then interesting odds may well be on offer. When is the best time for laying the correct score?

Generally speaking, research indicates that this football betting strategy works best between the 50th and the 65th minute of a match, when the teams are either level or one trails the other by a single goal. Psychologically, a one goal deficit can easily be overcome, and means that a losing team will keep striving even into injury time for an equaliser. Equally, with a drawn score, both teams will believe they can score the goal to snatch a win for their side.

There are a number of factors that you should consider if you want to adapt this football betting strategy. For example, if a big team is losing at home to a lower placed team or is trailing in a cup match, the home support can inject players with extra urgency to score. Alternatively, as they push forward it can leave them vulnerable to the counter-attack. Then there are teams that generally score, or concede goals away from home. Study the recent form of both sides, and assess how likely they are to perform in the rest of the match.

Then there is the game itself. Is it an open, end-to-end encounter, or a scrappy dour affair with frequent stoppages and time wasting. Does either side have strength on the bench, with substitutes they can introduce which will change the outcome of the match?

Finally, the League itself needs to be considered. Some leagues are known for open, attacking football, whilst others place more of a premium on the defensive side of the game. Serie A, for example, is regarded as one where defences rule, primarily, whilst the Premier League and Bundesliga are more renowned for attacking play. This means that an English or German match may result in more goals and later drama than the Italian equivalent.

Whatever you choice of match, wait until the second half, make sure that the score is either level or there is just one goal between the sides. Now, having researched the form and record of the two teams, check the odds on the final score and place your bet.