Asian handicap betting explained

Asian handicap betting explained

Asian handicap betting explained
Autor betsonly 15 Jun 2018

Today, we give some tips for another football betting strategy: Asian Handicap, which involves giving one team a virtual deficit to increase the odds.

Handicap betting – also known as spread betting – involves giving one team a virtual deficit, or handicap, which they need to overcome at the start of a match. It is designed to even-up the odds in cases where one opponent is stronger than the other. For the bet to succeed, therefore, the handicap or deficit needs to be recovered; a straight victory is not enough.

Usually when betting online, one team will be given a one goal deficit. For example, if Brighton travelled to Manchester City in the Premier League, City as the stronger team, and playing at home, are expected to win. Therefore, they are given a goal deficit, or more, and any bet on them will be successful only if they beat Brighton by two goals or more, and overcome the handicap.

There are two popular forms of handicap betting. The European system allows for three possible outcomes of a match – a win, a draw or a loss. By contrast, Asian handicap betting allows for only two results – a home win, or an away victory. If the match is drawn, then the result is void and the betting stake is refunded.

For this football betting strategy to work, however, we need to choose a match carefully. Find a team that is strong at home and usually scores a lot of goals – Barcelona in La Liga, and Liverpool in the Premier League are good examples. Typically the odds for a home victory will be between €1.70 €2.10, which means that the bookmakers heavily favour the local team to win. Then, find the odds for the Asian handicap – also known as betting without a tie – which will normally be between €1.35 and €1.45. Combine the two bets and you have odds close to €2.0

In terms of Asian handicap betting tips do not ignore the opponent. Remember if the home team is playing a local rival, or another team in contention at the top of the league, then the match could be a lot closer than you might expect. Other useful Asian handicap betting tips to follow include considering form and injuries, which might make it difficult for the home team to perform to the best of their abilities, and avoid matches at the very end of the season. When the final outcome of their season has been settled, players in many teams will relax and not try as hard as they would when there is still something left to play for in the season.

However, from the viewpoint of the gambler, the Asian handicap is a very attractive football betting strategy. This is because, even with the handicap, the likelihood that the two teams will fail to win is small, and, in the event that the match is drawn, they get their money back. So, in the case of our example, home wins for both Barcelona and Liverpool will see us virtually double our stake money.

With some practice, careful consideration of matches and using our Asian handicap betting tips, you might find that the Asian system is a very effective and profitable football betting strategy.