The most popular forms of sports betting

The most popular forms of sports betting

Sports betting
Autor betsonly 04 Apr 2017

In this sports betting guide, you will find information about the main types of bets you can place with top online bookmakers.

If you are one of those who want to start betting in the sport's world, there are some fundamental things you must know: how to choose the right bookmaker to start betting online? How to read betting odds? and which bets are the most popular.

In this article, we will list the most popular bets offered by online sportsbooks, independently of the sport chosen. The main goal is to have a clear view of each bet so you can start betting online as soon as possible.

What is a Single bet (1X2)?

A single bet, or Match betting, is a bet placed on one selection, in one game. You normally have three possible outcomes: the home team wins (1), the team ties (X) or the away team wins (2). This is the simplest option you will find in a betting site. In case you want to place a bet on sporting events where there are only two possible outcomes (no draw option), simply choose the team or player to win (1 or 2).

What is a Combined bet?

In a combo bet, you have to predict multiple outcomes in one bet (2 or more). Your bet will win if all your predictions are correct. It means that if you fail for only one selection, the entire Combined bet will be lost. These wagers are more difficult to win but odds are higher. In fact, the odd of each selection will multiply each other. We strongly advise you to make Combined bets just when you are pretty sure of the result of the outcomes, otherwise you will frequently lose your bets.

What is a System bet and how does it works?

In a system bet, the bettor have to predict several outcomes (at least 3) in one bet, like in a Combined bet. The main difference is that it's not necessary to hit in all the forecasts. For example, a 2/3 system bet means you need to hit at least two of the three outcomes. . If you bet on teams A, B and C to win their respective matches, you will get a return even if only AB, AC or BC win. It's something like placing a total of 3 bets. There are also some other variants like System 2/4, System 3/4, System 4/5 and so on.

What is a live bet?

Also called Live betting, in-play betting is a way to wager in real time, whilst you are watching the game. This is probably the most exciting way to bet. You can analyze what is happening during the match, anticipate any changes in the market and get better odds this way. Remember that some betting sites offer live streaming of sports events. Bet365 is the most popular option for live-betting and offers the widest range of live streamed events.

What is a betting exchange?

A betting exchange, like Betfair, is a peer-to-peer networks of sports betting. The online platform only acts as intermediary between players. Let's make an example. There's a LaLiga match between FC Barcelona and Sevilla FC. One player, "Karl", believes Sevilla is going to win and therefore, bet against Barcelona (Lay Barcelona). He set his own odds and the amount of money he wants to stake (20€). If another player believes Barcelona will win (Back Barcelona) and accepts Karl's bet, then the bet is matched and accepted.

For more information about betting exchange and trading, you can read this article.

What is a Handicap bet?

In handicap betting, the bookmaker is giving an advantage to the weaker team or player in order to create a level playing-field between the favourite and the underdog. For example, in a Basketball game, if you place a handicap bet on team Philadelphia 76ers (+5), this means that Philadelphia 76ers is given a +5 handicap. At the end of the match, 5 points will be added to their final score. If your bet wins with the handicap taken into account, then you will be paid.

There are two types of handicap bets: European and Asian Handicap. The main difference is that Asian Handicap eliminates the possibility of a draw. There are only 2 possible outcomes: home team wins, away team wins.

What is a surebet?

A surebet is a betting method that allows you to guarantee a profit, regardless of the outcome of the event. It occurs when bookmakers disagree on the chances of the outcomes and players take advantage of odds offered by different betting sites, betting on all possible results (1X2). If you want to go for this type of bet, bear in mind that you need to open an account with several bookmakers, a relatively large bankroll and a very good Internet connection. Odds come and go and they may experience drops that will reduce considerably the chance of profit. Also, you will have to know the rules of the different bookies (especially, the percent commission on net winnings). This is not recommended for beginners.