Different ways to bet on sports

Different ways to bet on sports

Autor betsonly 31 Jul 2018

There are many different ways to bet on sports, from low-scoring games like football, to basketball with its high number of points, and individual sports like tennis.

All sports are played in different ways, with distinct rules, possible outcomes and styles of play. And, just as there are many different games, there as many different ways to bet on sports.

There is some commonality, in that to be successful, a punter needs to have detailed knowledge of the sport, the players involved, their form and fitness, and also how external factors can impact on results. However, the differences are extensive, and need to be understood before somebody decides to invest their money and time in wagering on them.

Football is known as the global game for many reasons, not least of which because it attracts more spectators and active participants than any other sport on the planet. It is also the most widely bet upon of all sports, which means that there are myriad opportunities for those interested in wagering to find interesting odds for a range of outcomes.

Unlike many sports, football tends to be a low-scoring game, and it offers the possibility of a draw – unlike basketball, baseball or ice hockey for example. By its very nature, football offers the potential for an inferior team to stop a stronger side scoring; they can even grab a goal themselves on the counter-attack and pull off a surprise victory.

Popular football betting strategies include betting on the number of goals scored – either below or above a certain number, the winners of leagues or cups, the first scorer, or the time of the first goal. Bettors need to research the leagues and teams, their form, and the quality of the players before they bet, and be prepared to adjust their strategy as events unfold.

By contrast, basketball is a sport where the top players, at least in the NBA, the competition which is most followed, are congregated in the best teams. This means that they are likely to rarely fail, so betting on them does not offer good odds. Instead bettors need to look elsewhere for value, betting for instance, on the points spread between the two teams, or the number of points scored in a particular quarter.

And then there is tennis, which unlike the other two sports, is an individual not a team sport (there is very little market for betting on doubles or the Davis Cup, for example). Again whilst the bets on an outcome of a match may not be very interesting, particularly if two players are miss-matched in terms of rankings or form on a particular surface, many possibilities exist when it comes to betting on sets, or the numbers of game to be won, or when a service will be broken.

In terms of different ways to bet on Sports, one key distinction is between bets placed before an event, and those that are wagered whilst an event is in progress. Whilst both require detailed knowledge of the sport in question, betting live whilst events are unfolding requires nerve and the ability to react quickly to events. The odds on live betting are usually shorter, but the returns much quicker and, for many, the thrill greater.

There are as many different ways to bet on sports as there are sports themselves. However, it is best to familiarise yourself with the various options before deciding to place a wager.