A basic sports betting guide

A basic sports betting guide

tips for beginners in online sports betting
Autor betsonly 21 Nov 2016

First steps in online sports betting: here is a comprehensive guide to select the right bookmaker's site and start betting.

When you want some adrenaline rush plus some relaxation together, sports betting is a good option. No wonder why there are so many online bookmakers making crisp business out there. However, you need to know the game to play the game. Here are some pointers for the laymen.

First things first: Selecting a bookmaker

Do your research on who is the best of the breed out there in your country. You can check our online sportsbook reviews and betting sites ratings to help you choose the best bookmaker. Besides the reputation of each site, you have to consider things like the below:

  • What kind of promotions does the bookmaker give you?
  • How good is their customer helpline, and do they offer in your language?
  • Is the deposit and withdrawal mechanism safe and seamless?
  • Do they cover all the sports and games of your interest?
  • What are the odds the bookmaker offers?

Registering and depositing funds

At times, people just register an account with a casual attitude. Some sites are not easy with policies with reference to modifications later. Ensure that details like full name, date of birth, communication address, phone number etc. are correct.

While making the initial deposit, make sure that you have read through all applicable fee and charges. If in doubt, call the customer help line or read through the site’s guidelines, terms and conditions. Also, the FAQ section would be of great help to newbies.

Always remember that your withdrawal method will generally be linked to the initial deposit method. You may not be able to use multiple types of accounts. So choose wisely the first time.

Bonus and promotions

Ensure that you carefully go through the bonus and promotional offer details on the website of the online bookmaker. These tend to change time to time. Also, some sites restrict the welcome bonus to certain types of payment methods.

The welcome bonus comes in two forms in general:

  • The first deposit bonus will be offered if you put in a qualifying amount in to your account. There will be applicable rollover requirements on this.
  • The risk free first bet bonus will cover you for losses on your first bet. This may have a ceiling amount, never the less, you get to escape the loss if your first bet goes dud.

Selecting your sport

Apart from your interest in a specific sport or game, what counts is profitability. Some bookmakers offer better odds on certain types of sports. Also, to gain money, one needs specialization in a specific sport. Only then you know how better to pick your odds.

Being a jack of all trades but master of none would not help.

Finally, managing money

Managing your bankroll is vital. This is the amount that is paid by you to the bookmaker’s account. Your stakes should always consider the optimum amount of investment from your bankroll. This should ideally be no more than three to 10 percent.